Low Income Housing Tax Credit Partnership Management


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 - Real Estate Asset Management

 - Managing your Property Manager

 - Year 15 Planning and Analysis

 - Deal Books

 - Portfolio Asset Management Plans



- Year 15 Analysis and Planning

- Re-finance or Re-syndication Project              Management

- Acquisition Project Management

- Disposition Project Management



- Organization and/or Training

- Electronic Files

- Deal Books/Abstracts

- Other useful tools to make                            information easier to find

- Expert Advice


Grenwold Real Estate Advisors specialize in helping Affordable Housing owners and investors better understand their investments and how to maximize their return or value from those assets. We understand complex Affordable Housing Ownership and Debt Structures and can assist in providing our clients with detailed plans that are understandable and executable. 

Grenwold Real Estate Advisors have several years of experience in the real estate industry, and we will work on a range of services to meet your needs

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